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HYDRO Australia

The PATENTED TECH 2 SWIM Fins have been specifically designed to be
moulded in silicone to avoid blistering as rubber is prone to.
The principal function of the Tech 2 Swim Fins is to enable anyone from
a novice to an Olympic standard swimmer to achieve an exact kick balance
while using their preferred arm stroke


HYDRO – a short history

In 1986 Don McCredie had an idea.

Don was a Professional Firefighter and
an active member of Coogee Surf Club (NSW Australia)
– a beach of where he spent all his youth. He was also a strong swimmer who competed in many sporting events and in 1983 won the title of the World Surf life Saving Bodysurfing Champion.

Through these endeavours and after several trips
to Hawaii in the mid 80’s whilst competing regularly in Bodysurfing contests he became interested in
water flow & fluid dynamics having spent most of his life either in it, or on it.

Don’s idea was to design and create a type of swim propulsion fin (or flipper) that would revolutionise
his chosen sport.

The Hydro Finz were born.

Hydro's innovative PATENTED   
is a new product
designed for kick, pull
and side-kick swim training.

It is ideal for use by all
levels of swimmers.

Claimed by many top swimmers as
the 'Worlds BEST Training Fins'.

      Hydro Training Finz are soft and
comfortable, and guarantee to maintain
their shape and longevity.
The grater blade width and V channel edge
provide powerful performance allowing the swimmer to easily achieve the 'high in the water' race position to improve stroke and breathing technique.

The design of the fin was unique as
it’s “V” Rail design gave it the edge on
the competition and proved functional in wave riding particularly deep hollow tubes.
The V Rail acted like small surfboard fins only
with 8 edges to add traction not just 2 or 3.

A rubber company produced moulds for
six sizes and manufactured the product for export to Australia and the USA, Japan and Europe.

Don traveled extensively to secure distributors
for his one and only product – and due to its unique Patented qualities and performance, gained sales and recognition worldwide.

Since then over a million pairs of Hydro fin products
have been sold in over 20 countries in several different models of which have updated since the original design.

Hydro Finz are now manufactured in
the world’s largest rubber swimfin factory.





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