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In 1993, Pablo Morales and John Mix realized a need for competitive swimmers to improve their technique, flexibility and strength within all four swimming strokes. To address this general necessity, they pinpointed the dolphin kick as a core technique and muscle group that no product effectively addressed. Their efforts and hard work paid off at the competition of the final product as it marked a significant milestone for competitive swimming representing the first product of its kind that the swimming industry had ever seen. It was termed the "Monofin", consisting of a single fiberglass fin that encapsulates both feet into one foot pocket, allowing the swimmer to kick upwards and downwards in a balanced and repetitive dolphin-like manner..


FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the Company as it resembles likeness to the first product name, while also representing the true nature why we, as swimmers, undergo such rigorous training schedules, continuing to strive and improve upon such an unnatural, but immensely rewarding sport. FINIS is, and will always remain, whole heartedly committed to the discovery and development of innovative swimming products that enable athletes to meet that "end" or "grand finale" of a finish line, we as competitors and individuals set as a benchmark to become bigger and better than who we really are.



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