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LANE4 U.S.A. article

                                      At the forefront of swim goggle's technology, LANE 4 delivers a full range of innovative swim goggles
                      for recreational, fitness and competitive swimmers. Endorsed by Swim America, ASCA and NSSA, LANE 4
                      swim goggles represent the best in swim engineering technology, designed explicitly for performance,
                      comfort and 
   Goggle Categories and Symbols
                        The following categories indicate the suggested use for all Lane 4 goggles. Each category corresponds to
                  a consistent color and goggle symbol for your quick reference and selection.

The ultimate in goggle technology. Low profile and hydrodynamic shapes reduce the drag coefficient for competitive swimers.
The growth of multi-sport demands goggle technology to address new elements, such as high definition lenses, 180° peripheral vision and depth perception for a variety of weather conditions.

New female-specific goggle category offers more options in comfort, size and color. Each goggle is specifically designed to fit female faces better.


Blending comfort and performance. Whether training or just recreation, these models provide an ideal and comfortable fit for a variety of faces.


Utilizing Soft Frame technology, these multipurpose goggles are designed to fit smaller faces for recreation or competition.




About Lane 4 goggles 

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